Conflict simulation, peacebuilding, and development


At The Bishop’s School, students and teachers have been using USIP Open Simulation Platform software to conduct virtual peace processes.

You’ll find more on the website:

PEACECONFERENCING.ORG originated at the Bishop’s School in La Jolla, California as the direct result of a visionary donor who wished to stimulate new curriculum across the disciplines to deal with anticipated changes to society for the new millennium. His financial help made it possible to work directly with a mediation and conflict resolution institute in Washington D.C. to compile a workbook for students that fast-tracked elements of the negotiation process for the classroom.

Student teams with online support studied current real-world conflicts to target one flashpoint area that held particular urgency for the group. A student mediator was selected to bring students, each representing an opposition group, to the negotiation table.

A library support page for each conflict area was designed by the school librarian that emphasized scholarly research sites on the internet and assisted students in writing a research paper that represented their perspective in the negotiations. Students then arrived at the negotiation table with a background in conflict-resolution skills and their research paper in-hand. Their collaborative efforts produced peace agreements based on consensus that were sensitive to the needs and fears of the parties in conflict and offered hope for resolution through diplomacy.

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