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Daily Archives: 11/01/2011

JDMS on modelling political interaction in peace operations

The Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation: Applications, Methodology, Technology has published an “online before print” article by Paul Strong of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (UK) on “The Peace Support Operations Model: Strategic Interaction Process.” In it he discusses the conceptual and computer modelling challenges of representing factional attitudes and orientations:

Modeling complex social interaction creates a number of challenges for the strategic analyst. Firstly, the fundamental basis of an operational model has to be based on rational and verifiable metrics, but recognize that human interaction in the real world is often irrational and is rarely verifiable. Secondly, the evolving discourse between factions almost always influences the ongoing process of interaction – often creating entirely new modes of interaction as the scenario unfolds. Our solution was to continue to base the Peace Support Operations Model (PSOM) Operational Game on verifiable metrics and create an interaction process designed to include those modes of interaction that are ill-suited to structured analysis and better addressed by processes that can adapt to shifts in strategic emphasis. The PSOM Strategic Interaction Process thus follows the same turn-based design as the Operational Game, but creates a framework for political interaction and the recording of faction intent as the game proceeds.

If you have an online (SAGE) subscription to the journal, you can access the full article here.

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