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NDU Strategic Gaming Roundtable forum launched

At the last NDU CASL Roundtable on Innovation in Strategic Gaming the many different nodes of expertise on strategic gaming were likened to an archipelago of excellence—islands of experience and insight to be sure, but not always as well connected as they might be.

To facilitate greater connection and cooperation, the folks at CASL have taken the initiative of setting up an online forum for those involved in the field. As Tim Wilkie reports:

Regular readers of PaxSims will have seen the occasional posts about a series of roundtable events at National Defense University (NDU) on the subject of strategic gaming, hosted by the Center for Applied Strategic Learning (CASL).  The goal has been to create a regular forum for practitioners and scholars to exchange ideas and compare notes about issues relating to game design, the use of games for analytical and teaching purposes, and interesting projects in the field. CASL is pleased to announce that our quarterly series of in-person roundtables will now have an affiliated online component, the Strategic Gaming Roundtable group site at APAN (All Partners Access Network).

The site is intended to be a place to continue conversation from the quarterly meetings, as well as a place to discuss gaming experiences, works in progress, and the state of the field.  We hope that the new site will further advance our goals of getting to know and building lasting professional connections between gamers.

If you have a professional or academic interest in strategic gaming (or in simulation of peace and conflict issues, as Rex likes to say) we hope you will join the conversation.  Please email Tim Wilkie to
request an invitation.

If you’re working or professionally interested in the field, do join up!

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