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Daily Archives: 16/12/2010

ISAGA 2011

The annual conference of the International Simulation and Gaming Association will be held 11-15 July 2011 in Warsaw, Poland with the theme of “Bonds and bridges – how games and simulations encourage cooperation between sectors: business, education and public administration.”

The ISAGA Conference each year brings together academics, trainers, game designers and business professionals from across the continent and worldwide.  It’s an international platform for networking, knowledge exchange and inspiration for people active in the wide area of serious gaming.

The main focus of ISAGA 2011

In 2011 the conference will focus on how games and simulations can build bridges between sectors: business, education and public governance.


The globalizing world requires new competences in advanced cross-sectoral cooperation.

However, experience shows that games and simulations are still being applied mainly in business and business  education contexts.

Therefore we observe the growing need of firstly transferring best practices from games applications in business and propagating the gaming method in other sectors and secondly promoting cross-sectoral applications of games and simulations.

Transferring innovations from business to institutions responsible for creating public policy and public governance and to the general education would be a step forward in achieving the goal of “good governance” (modernization of public management).

You’ll find more information on the conference website here. Proposals for thematic sessions should be submitted by February 15. Proposals for papers and game presentations are being accepted until March 1.

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