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Daily Archives: 26/11/2010

USIP Open Simulation Platform news (25/11)

Courtesy of Skip Cole’s USIP Open Simulation Platform newslist, the latest updates from the project:

  • We play tested a new sim, “The Case of Palmyra.” The test revealed some issues both with the simulation and the platform. We are fixing those and are going to do another run again soon. If you would like to be a part of the next play test, please just drop an email.
  • The OSP has now been run on 2 continents! I’m keeping a google map of all the cities where OSP sims have been conducted, and we just added Sippy Downs, Australia to the list. We were blessed to meet some wonderful instructors down there who wanted to let their students try out Peaceconferencing.
  • A great Peaceconferencing video has been released! Its nine minutes long, and one needs to download it first, but it is really worth the wait. I was extremely impressed by what the students had to say.
  • Our facebook community keeps growing, and I do hope you all get a chance to check it out every now and again.

NDU Roundtable on Strategic Gaming (7/12)

The Center for Applied Strategic Learning at National Defense University will hold its fifth of it quarterly “Roundtables on Strategic Gaming” on the afternoon of Tuesday, December 7.

The Roundtable is by invitation only. However, if you are in the Washington DC area and are professionally involved in simulation of peace and conflict issues, you can email Tim Wilkie and request an invitation.


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