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Daily Archives: 10/11/2010

Amani Africa Command Post Exercise

Last last month, the AU held a command post exercise as part of the Amani Africa cycle of peacekeeping and stabilization capacity-building within the African Union. According to a recent report:

The Amani Africa Command Post Exercise (CPX) officially kicked off on 20 October 2010 at the Headquarters of the AU in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The CPX, which will be conducted until 29th October is the culmination of the Amani Africa Cycle of preparations and activities, “designed to both contribute towards and to validate the operational readiness of the Africa Standby Force (ASF)” as recalled by Dr Jean Ping, Chairperson of the African Union Commission while inducting the Exercise.

As a joint effort of the African Union and the European Union, the Amani Africa is designed to accelerate and validate the state of operational readiness of the ASF. The CPX is it’s the final stage and is to take stock of how Peace Support Operations should be handled. As stated by Chairperson Ping in his address, it will allow “both to assess and validate the progress which has been made to date, and to identify gaps and shortcomings which we must address as we move forward in the development of the African Standby Force”.

Speaking at the same occasion, General Pierre-Michel Joana, European Union Special Advisor for African peacekeeping capabilities added “We have carried out an exercise of all decision making bodies; at the African Union level as well as at the Command Post level of a mission which would be deployed on the ground”.

Since the inception of the African Union in 2002, African leaders have put peace and security high on the continent’s agenda, conscious that they are essential for the pursuit of an “integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa”. The ASF is a core element of the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) which will “provide the Peace and Security Council with the ability to conduct multidimensional interventions, as a measure of last resort, across a range of conflict scenarios”.

During the CPX, the military, police and civilians will map out all the characteristics of a conflict in Africa and inject them in a fictitious scenario in a country named Carana. The simulation will involve civilian, police, and military injects. The CPX is taking place while 2010 has been declared by AU Heads of state and Government, Year of Peace and Security in Africa under the theme, 2010: Make peace happen….

Additional details can be found on the Amani Africa Cycle website, as well as on on the website of US Africa Command, and at the press service

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