Conflict simulation, peacebuilding, and development

Harvard humanitarian studies course/field exercise

The Humanitarian Studies Course (HSC) is a collaborative educational program designed to train medical residents, fellows, nurses, public health and policy graduate students along with other professionals with a vested interest in humanitarian relief operations to carry out effective international health and humanitarian work.  HSC will train participants in current humanitarian issues as well as the methodologies and  essential skills that best prepare humanitarian workers to operate in the field.

The Humanitarian Studies Course is offered to the public and is currently run twice a year. The ‘HSIR’ or ‘Humanitarian Studies Initiatitive for Residents’ program which is open to public, is run separately from the Humanitarian Studies in the Field program which is a Harvard School of Public Health course run by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. Participants from both programs take part in a joint training simulation exercise which is held in the spring near Boston, Massachusetts.

The next course will be held in April 2011. For details, see the websites of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and the Humanitarian Studies Course.

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