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Iran nuke simulation of the month

OK, they’re not quite coming one a month, but following the various Iran simulations held earlier this year at Harvard, Brookings, and Tel Aviv University, there is news of another one–this time held at the Interdisciplinary Center at  Herzliya.

According to detailed report in the Jerusalem Report (17 May 2010):

The threat of an Iranian nuclear weapon would force Israel to agree to a measured response and diplomacy in the wake of a long-range missile attack in Tel Aviv, and prevent Israel from unleashing a disproportionate response, according to the conclusions of a simulation at the IDC, Herzliya, on Sunday.

With Iran’s nuclear program on a path that would see the Islamic Republic achieving nuclear capabilities in the coming years, the simulation was meant to gauge how such a game-changing event would be met by regional and world players.

Titled “Iran – The Day After,” the simulation was based on a similar exercise held last December at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, which ended with Russia and China backing Iran as a sharp rift developed between Washington and Israel. On Sunday at the IDC, organizers hoped for a more promising result.

The simulation contained two rounds. In the first round, the participants, who included a wide range of Israel’s leading experts and academics, were required to devise a response from their team to Iran’s nuclear capabilities. This was be followed by a “trigger” event that was kept secret from the participants beforehand. The next stage dealt with the advancement of the event following the trigger, and so on in the following stages.

The teams represented 20 nation-states, international bodies, or terror organizations in which the experts and academics specialize. In the first round of the exercise, the teams were told that shortly after the announcement that Iran had gone nuclear, Hizbullah had launched long-range missiles at Tel Aviv, striking the Defense Ministry and causing large-scale casualties and destruction….

There is also a briefer report on the Israel Defense Forces website.

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