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Daily Archives: 19/05/2010

Simulation & Gaming (April 2010)

The latest issue of Simulation & Gaming 41, 2 (April 2010) is now out, and contains several articles that might be of interest to PaxSims readers:

  • Per Backlund, Henrik Engström, Mikael Johannesson, and Mikael Lebram, “Games for traffic education: An experimental study of a game-based driving simulator.”
  • Timo Lainema, “Theorizing on the Treatment of Time in Simulation Gaming.”
  • Robert Howard Williams and Alexander Jonathan Williams, “One for All and All for One: Using Multiple Identification Theory Simulations to Build Cooperative Attitudes and Behaviors in a Middle Eastern Conflict Scenario”
  • Precha Thavikulwat and Sharma Pillutla, “A constructivist approach to designing business simulations for strategic management.”
  • Joris Drayer and Dan Rascher, “Simulation in Sport Finance.”
  • Bradley S. Greenberg, John Sherry, Kenneth Lachlan, Kristen Lucas, and Amanda Holmstrom, “Orientations to Video Games Among Gender and Age Groups.”
  • Diana Reckien and Klaus Eisenack, “Urban Sprawl: Using a Game to Sensitize Stakeholders to the Interdependencies Among Actors’ Preferences.”
  • Association News & Notes
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