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MCSG Seeks Game Designs and Articles

The following announcement was posted to ConsimWorld earlier this year, and we’ve been asked by Brian Train to repost it here:

MCSG Seeks Game Designs and Articles

Modern Conflict Studies Group, LLC. (MCSG) is currently seeking content for future projects. If you have an interest in writing or designing/developing simulations on modern warfare topics, please read on. This will be for an audience that includes the Defense Department and the professional modeling and simulations community as well as the general wargaming community.

We are currently seeking articles on the following general or related topics:


  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Sudan
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Central/South America
  • Asia
  • Cyberwar
  • Netcentric Warfare
  • Irregular Warfare
  • Littoral operations
  • Space based warfare
  • Energy
  • Logistical support for expeditionary forces
  • Drug and Human Trafficking
  • Other areas or subjects important to the defense and policy community

We also seek pieces on:

  • Professional Wargame Design
  • Operations research and related concepts
  • Approaches to wargaming specific defense issues that are less well understood, such
  • as insurgency, economic warfare, lawfare, and cyberwar

Shorter pieces:

  • Book reviews
  • Game reviews (computer, board, virtual, etc.)
  • News pieces on current defense related events, hardware, software, technology, etc.


We will reply to your submission with final acceptance, rejection, or revision request within 30 days.

Payment and rights:

MCSG will pay 8 cents per word on final acceptance. MCSG will retain first publication rights only, and must be cited as original publisher for any subsequent publication.


Modern Conflict Studies Group, LLC. is also seeking game designs on modern conflict. Novel, original, and unconventional topics and approaches are encouraged. See article topics, above, for ideas on the types of subjects we are interested in, but do not feel limited by that list. We are looking for intensive simulations that may include the full spectrum of modern warfare weaponry, tactics, operations and doctrine.


1. Design document. The design document describes the scale, design approach, and game systems to be utilized in depth. This document will be subject to a revise and resubmit process.

2. Initial prototype submission. Once the design document is accepted, a game prototype is to be submitted for evaluation. This process is, again, subject to a revise and resubmit process for purposes of development and playtesting.

3. Final prototype submission. A final prototype, incorporating all changes and revisions from the previous process is required to complete the contract for payment.

Payment and rights:

MCSG will pay a flat fee of $2000.00 upon acceptance of the final prototype. MCSG will retain all rights to the game in perpetuity, including publication rights in other forms.

Please submit all queries to MCSG at

Thank you for your interest.

The MCSG Team

If you’re interested, contact MCSG at the email address above.

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