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Daily Archives: 11/04/2010

10th Annual “Reacting to the Past” Summer Institute

The folks at Barnard College will be holding their 10th annual “Reacting to the Past” summer institute in June:

We hope you will join us for the tenth annual “Reacting to the Past” Summer Institute at Barnard College (NY), June 10-13, 2010! This year’s program includes twelve game tracks, ranging from The Threshold of Democracy: Athens in 403 B.C. and Defining a Nation: India, 1945 to new games in development on “America’s Founding: The Constitutional Convention”, “Kentucky 1861: a Nation in the Balance,” “Living History in 1894 Korea: The Kabo Reforms”, and “Modernism vs. Traditionalism: Art in Paris, 1888-89.” Details are available online at The priority registration deadline is May 10, 2010.


Faculty interested in exploring their special interests and concerns with others in the “Reacting” community are invited to propose a concurrent session at the annual institute. Plenary and concurrent sessions allow participants to engage in discussions of a more general character on student motivation, teaching, liberal arts education, and the problems and possibilities of the “Reacting” pedagogy. Concurrent sessions will be roughly 85 minutes in length and are intended for an audience of 25 to 40 participants. We welcome submissions in a variety of formats, including hands-on workshops, presentations, and discussion panels. Collaborative proposals among faculty from multiple institutions are highly encouraged. Please visit here for details. The proposal deadline is April 31, 2010.

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