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Daily Archives: 01/03/2010

Games for Change Festival 2010

The 7th annual Games for Change Festival will take place in New York on May 24-27, 2010:

The Annual Games for Change Festival brings together the world’s leading foundations, NGOs, game-makers, academics, and journalists to explore how best to harness this incredibly powerful medium to help address the most critical issues of our day, from poverty, climate change, global conflicts, to human rights. Every year, the festival doubles in size and brings in new, high-impact partners.

The festival includes 4 exciting days of panels, keynotes and brainstorming sessions, as well as funders’ meetings, press briefings, a private journalists dinner, birds-of-a-feather gatherings and the usual excellent networking opportunities. This year also features the always popular Expo and reception where attendees can play these new games first-hand.

Called “the Sundance of video games” for “socially-responsible game-makers” we’re promoting a new genre of video game – games to change the world – for the better.

Join us in this exciting and important new field!

Full agenda to be announced shortly.

UrbanSim video

We’ve blogged in the past (here and here) about the UrbanSim counter-insurgency training simulation. For those interested, you can find a video of a presentation on UrbanSim made at the October 2009 Counterinsurgency Leaders Workshop at the COIN Center at Fort Leavenworth. There’s also a podcast of the same presentation available through iTunes.

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