Conflict simulation, peacebuilding, and development

Consultant Needed: Simulation Design

Some colleagues at a major international financial institution are designing a really interesting simulation for use in a course on anti-money laundering.  The audience will be law enforcement, government and finance inspectors.  The simulation itself will basically be an investigation of a probable money laundering, you’ve heard of “How to Host a Murder” – this will be on money laundering.

They are the experts – they know this field inside and out.  What they have less experience on is simulation design – delivering a structured experience that is both immersive and teaches.   I’ve been helping a bit at the margins, but unfortunately, I am just too overstretched – they could use a consultant that understands simulation design and could help them structure the information into a “game” that is both interesting and educational.  This is of course easier said than done and rather a shot in the dark, but for the right dungeon master or mystery writer out there, this could be a good fit.

If you feel you might be qualified and interested and available nearly immediately for a short term consultancy – please drop me an email with your CV and contact info.

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