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Daily Archives: 06/01/2010

Model Arab League

I thought I would pass along this announcement from the National Council on US-Arab Relations regarding their forthcoming series of Model Arab League meetings:

The National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations cordially invites a delegation from your school to attend the Model Arab League (MAL), an academic, diplomatic simulation of the League of Arab States. This year, over 2,000 students will participate at the high school or university level in our fourteen models across the country. Through participation in the program, students develop leadership, speaking, critical thinking, and writing skills, while also gaining practical, applicable knowledge about a critical area, the Arab world.

The 2010 Schedule for the Model Arab League:

Atlanta High School – Atlanta, GA – Jan. 28-29
Michigan University – Grand Rapids, MI – Feb. 18-20
Rocky Mountain Uni. – Denver, CO – Feb. 18-20
Ohio University – Oxford, OH – Feb. 26-28
Southeast University – Spartanburg, SC – Mar. 12-14
National University – Washington, DC – Mar. 26-28
Northern Rockies Uni. – Missoula, MT – Apr. 8-10
West Coast Uni. – San Francisco, CA – April 9-11
Bilateral University – College Station, TX – April 9-10
Boston High School – Boston, MA – April 10-11
Boston University – Boston, MA – April 10-11
National High School – Washington, DC – April 16-17
Southwest University – Denton, TX – April 23-25

Visit to learn more. Also, please feel free to contact the National Council (call Megan at 1-202-293-6466 or email Josh at to learn more about the program.

As a scholar of the region, I’m tempted to ask whether simulated meetings of the Arab League feature the same boycotts and ineffectual rhetorical posturing as the real ones ;)

(cartoon: Mustafa Rahmeh, al-Ittihad, 4 June 2004)

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