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Daily Archives: 17/10/2009

ISAGA 2010

The annual conference of the International Simulation and Gaming Association will be held 5-9 July 2010 in Spokane, Washington.

ISAGA is an international organization for scientists and practitioners developing and using simulation, gaming and related methodologies. They include: simulation, gaming, role-play, structured experiences, policy exercises, computerized simulation, play, virtual reality, game theory, debriefing, experiential learning, and active learning. They are used in a broad range of professional areas, including: university, industry, government and business. Note: ISAGA is not concerned with gambling. The term “gaming” refers to learning games.

The main goals of ISAGA are:

  • to enhance the development and application of simulation and gaming methodologies;
  • to encourage a wider use of simulation and gaming methodologies, particularly in the social, human and technological domains;
  • to facilitate communication among specialists of simulation and gaming throughout the world;
  • to exchange information about and experience of simulation and gaming methodologies;
  • to encourage interchange between the profession of simulation and gaming and other professional areas and disciplines.

ISAGA has members in all parts of the world. ISAGA runs an international conference every year in a different country. ISAGA is involved with several resources, including an international journal, an Internet search engine and conference proceedings.

You’ll find details on the conference website here.

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