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Daily Archives: 17/08/2009

APSA 2010 Teaching and Learning Conference

logo2clargeThe American Political Science Association has announced the call for papers and proposals for its next annual Teaching and Learning Conference, to be held on 5-7 February 2010 in Philadelphia. As usual, there is a “simulations and roleplay” track in addition to all the others:

Using a working-group model, the conference is a forum to develop models on teaching and learning as well as to discuss broad themes affecting political science education. The meeting will consist of 10 tracks constructed around such themes as:

  • Program Assessment
  • Internationalizing the Curriculum
  • Teaching Political Theory and Theories
  • Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Equality
  • Teaching Research Methods
  • Graduate Education and Professional Development
  • Simulations and Role Playing
  • Civic Engagement
  • Core Curriculum/General Education
  • Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Workshops focus on practical issues related to teaching and allow participants to interact with political scientists outside their assigned track. The call for workshops includes the following themes:

  • Integrating Technology in the Classroom
  • Classroom and Program Assessment
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Strategies for Teaching at Community Colleges
  • Professional Development
  • Civic Education & Engagement
  • Open Call

For further information, click the link above.

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