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Carana DDR simulation, Norwegian edition

NODEFICGary has discussed several times on PaxSims the Carana simulation used at the World Bank for staff training regarding fragile and conflicted -affected countries, and we’ve also noted the AU’s use of the (UN-originated) Carana setting. Adding to our collection of Caranas, we’ve come across another.

The Norwegian military is using a version of Carana as the setting for a training simulation, this time for a DDR (disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration) planning course taught by the Norwegian Defense University College, Norwegian Staff College, and Norwegian Defense International Centre. Of the 48 hours of instruction in the course, 18 are devoted to the Carana simulation. The course brochure can be found here (or click the image to the right).

Judging from what I can find by searching the Norwegian Ministry of Defence website, students are provided with a copy of the ceasefire provisions of the peace treaty that ended the fictional civil war in Carana, together with a report from the Secretary General on Carana and the UN mission there, and a brief analysis of the military forces of the combatants. There are also a series of maps of Carana (in Powerpoint format), detailing geography/topography, transportation networks, landmines, and government and rebel deployment zones.

There’s enough here that others could easily use the same materials, for example in abbreviated form in university classrooms when addressing DDR themes.

Incidentally, if here or elsewhere simulation users would prefer that PaxSims not post details of their simulations, just let us know. While we’re trying to promote networking among people working in this area, we certainly don’t want to be unduly influencing any potential simulations.

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