Conflict simulation, peacebuilding, and development


The African Union is currently developing the architecture and capacities necessary to field a military and civilian African Stand-by Force (ASF) by 2010 as a multilateral civilian and military crisis management tool for the continent. the AU has given the name “AMANI AFRICA” to this first ASF training cycle, and to its final exercise.

As part of that process, and building on the Africa-EU Strategic partnership, EURORECAMP is a European training programme focusing on strategic education and training for the benefit of local African decision makers. As part of this, AMANI AFRICA will involve simulation exercises based on a Pearson Peacekeeping Centre-designed scenario located in the fictional country of Carana (as also used, in different forms and settings, by UN DPKO and by the World Bank):

caranamapThe Carana Training Scenario is being developed for the AMANI AFRICA training cycle which will exercise the AU in the deployment of the African Standby Force. The scenario package builds on a United Nations scenario developed by the African Union. Carana, a fictitious African country, is one of six on the fictitious island of Kisiwa. This island for the purposes of AMANI AFRICA is located off the coast of East Africa, but is designed to be relocated to any off shore sub region of Africa if necessary.

A country book providing great detail has been developed for the Democratic Republic of Carana, as this is the primary country.

Country studies in less detail have been developed for the neighbouring states of the People’s Republic of Katasi, the Republic of Rimosa and the Islamic Republic of Sumora.

Country profiles with essential detail to provide a comprehensive regional context have been produced for the peripheral countries of the Republic of Mosana and the Kingdom of Namuna.

Carana provides a realistic base scenario from which specific scenarios can be designed.

Additional information on the scenario, including an Executive Summary of the Training Scenario (April 2009), a Summary of Major Events, and a Glossary of Abbreviations and Acronyms can be found on the appropriate section of the AMANI AFRICA – EURORECAMP website.

UPDATE: The AMANI AFRICA website can now been found here. Since the simulation materials may soon disappear from AU and EU websites, and the Pearson Centre is now defunct, I’ve uploaded a copy of the Carana scenario to PAXsims.

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