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Daily Archives: 16/07/2009

smart moves by USIP!

I’ve just returned from this great event hosted by USIP on the future of simulations for peacebuilding.

There were over 100 in attendance and many more virtually attending through a live feed.  Online questions were expertly moderated by Joel Whitaker who was able to collect them into sensible and insightful intercessions that followed the conversation and really brought those attending virtually into the room (which was necessary, because the room was full).  We knew we were approaching Sim 2.0 when one of the virtual questions for a presenter was sent from a 2nd Life avatar via twitter… it hurts the brain.

Thanks to Skip Cole for an inspiring presentation on the future of simulations for peacebuilding.  There were lots of other great presentations on the whole breadth of simulations from cutting edge virtual environments to good old text based and in person roleplaying.  Will post more later, but we are running our simulation at the Bank here tomorrow and Monday (a special delivery for Executive Director Advisors) and there are many virtual miles to go before I sleep.

Kudos to Sheldon Himmelfarb and USIP for a really great event!

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