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Daily Archives: 20/03/2009

four seasons of simulations

BSG cast at UN

Well, alright, it is a bit of a stretch to liken Battlestar Galactica to a learning simulation.  Still, I would contend that a thought-provoking piece of film or literature pushes many of the same buttons that a simulation does if it can push viewers/readers to consider the ways the world could be in light of new learning about the way the world is

This seems to have happened on Wednesday night when the UN brought together a very unique panel of policymakers and cast/creators of BSG for a discussion on human rights.  I wish I could’ve attended, but what struck me most about the eyewitness accounts was  the blurring of reality and show (simulation) – like Olmos turning to students and saying “So say we all” – to which the room responded “So say we all”.   I think part of what makes storytelling so powerful is how visionary it can be – is it the same kind of vision we need for policymaking? 

Tonight is the series finale for BSG.  Thanks to the creators, writers and cast for bringing us into their simulation in their quest for Earth, whatever it is.

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