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Daily Archives: 11/02/2009

USIP’s Open Simulation Platform

Today, PaxSims is pleased to feature a guest post from our colleague Skip Cole at the United States Institute of Peace.

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OSP screenshot—click to enlarge.

OSP screenshot—click to enlarge.

The USIP continues to develop software, the Open Simulation Platform, that will allow multi-player online interagency simulations to be created inexpensively. They consider this to be an important step in allowing the joint creation of interagency simulations, since getting multiple organizations to sign up for a shared expensive project (as many traditional simulation projects have been) can be problematic. When all the cost has been drained out of the technological aspects of creating these simulations, many more of them will be created and the best features of these will eventually combine to allow people to truly prepare for peacebuilding operations in a safe and virtual worlds.

While the USIP Open Simulation Platform (OSP) project is still in its infancy, it is growing nicely. They have taken steps to allow community participation in this software. Anyone wanting to ‘program productively for peace’ should send an email to scole(at)

An alpha version of the software is available on their demo site at . Login usernames and passwords are available upon request to scole(at) Additionally, online documentation for the project is available at

New releases of the software are scheduled for around the 7’s and 21sts of each month. The USIP OSP will be officially put through its paces at George Washington University on May 4th.

Skip Cole

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