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A Sim at Davos

Simulations are all the rage.  Our course participants taking up the challenge of Carana this week felt very Davos when they were told that even CEOs are getting into the game with this article from the WSJ on an event last week:

CEOs play Refugees…


Gucci Group Chief Executive Robert Polet switched off his BlackBerry, wrapped his head in a bandage and became Mustafa, a 40-year-old refugee in desperate search of his six lost children. As a war raged outside his barbed-wire-encased refugee camp, Mustafa slept on the muddy floor of a canvas tent and drank water out of a tin bowl.

“Please, please, help me find my children,” he begged as an armed guard pinned him down to the ground, a rifle to his neck.

The simulation of a refugee camp — a one-hour exercise co-sponsored by the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees — is one of the more earnest manifestations of the please-forgive-me spirit at Davos this year.

Rex, we’re going to need to start hiring casting agents to be able to compete with some of these sims.  I haven’t a clue where to look for costuming for simulated soldiers….

hat tip: Laura Bailey, Secretary Emeritus of Carana

One response to “A Sim at Davos

  1. Rex Brynen 03/02/2009 at 10:42 pm

    Actually, my POLI 450 students have been known to play some pretty convincing refugees!

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